Life lessons for a teenager

by Tanya RajMay 15th, 2020

As we enter our teens, most of our choices, patterns and hormones change. We get excited for the smallest of things and friends become more important than family. Most of us leave our home to go for higher education at the age of around 18 years. You know 18 is a border of teenager and adult. I left my home at a very small age of 15 years to have a better study so i am capable to give you some valuable preachings!

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If you are living away from your parents or if you are about to leave your home, don't forget these simple rules in life which if not now, you will realize later in your life, thank me later!

  1. Only your parents are your wellwisher .No one, i am telling you no one can ever replace them in your life. I know at that age if feels like a burden to talk to them but please do so. They love you a lot more than you imagine and they just want you to be happy. Ask them for their opinions on things that you are unsure about, they will give you the right path to go.
  2. Know the difference between love and attraction. Both feels same at the beginning especially at this age but as you spend more time, if you are in love, you will be in love. But if you have attraction, you will not feel the same way. So, don't rush into any relationship too soon. I know it's cool n all but to protect your heart and soul , give time.
  3. Don't fall into peer pressure. If someone is having alcohol doesn't mean you should have too. If you don't want it, don't do it. If something doesn't feel right , don't do it. End of story!
  4. Have a goal. Listen to your heart and make a goal that you want to accomplish, be it a programmer or a fashion designer.Start putting your best effort towards that goal.
  5. Zindagi na milegi dobara. And these sayings are true only when you have achieved anything, you will have enough time to travel the world and to do whatever you want but not today. You are still a learner and if zindagi na milegi dobara then give your best to become the best in this one life.

This time is all you have to have a future of your dreams. An age of do or die.You have to decide now.

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