The Ultimate guide to self care during Quarentine

by Tanya RajMay 15th, 2020

This, right now, is the hardest time of our lives. We all are feelin down, sad and depressed on several days It's been more that a month India is on lockdown and honestly, i have cried more than the past one year during this period. If you are feeling same, it's normal. Don't worry, everything is gonna be OKAY in the end

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To keep my self motivated, happy and cheerful duing this quarentine period, i have been practising a lot of different things and engaging my self to either cooking or watching tv series. And, below, i have curated a list of 36 self care tips for your mental, physical and spiritual health to combat boredom or depressive thoughts that are coming to your mind.


  1. Write down your thoughts 2.Hug someone tight
  2. Cry if you need.. i do it frequently nowa days
  3. Watch sunrise/sunsets
  4. Pray ( Although i am atheist but i know this works)
  5. Create a list of all the things you wanna do or the places you want to visit
  6. Write all your favorite memories from last year
  7. look at your old videos and photos especially of your pets
  8. Admire yourself in mirror
  9. play with your pet or street dogs/cats
  10. start your long lost hobby ma frienddd!
  11. Relax yourself with a home spa .. manicure/pedicure , some gree tea detox, masks you know the drill..


  1. Try a new recipie
  2. Watch something on netflix, amazon prime, dd national (Ramayana is a good choice)
  3. Rearrange your room
  4. Drink some tea/coffee
  5. Do something creative
  6. Start working on your hobbies
  7. Listen to your favorite songs and dance unapologetically
  8. Don't watch too mucb news. You know when there is a cat, they'll tell it's a Lion.
  9. Take 15 minutes to meditate especially before you sleep. I have started doing this because i am getting a lot of corona dreams.
  10. De-clutter a space.
  11. Watch the nature , cloud and beautiful skies
  12. Play a puzzle game.. or LUDO
  13. Organize the files on your computer


  1. Put on your favorite Outfit
  2. Take bath everyday.. Reminder to myself too
  3. Get some Vitamin D aka THE SUN
  4. Laugh
  5. Nap whenever you want to
  6. Join an Online class to learn new skills
  7. Practice yoga
  8. Make one small change in your diet for the week
  9. Practice Deep Breathing.
  10. Massage yourself
  11. Cuddle-puddle with a soft and comfy blanket

Start doing some or all of these and you will instantly feel better. Don't forget to follow me on instagram , my id is @maqshine, i post lots of challenges and fun activities there.

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